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We Can Compose, Manage & Optimize Your Facebook Ad Campaigns For You!

Would you like high converting Facebook Ad campaigns?

Our approach is to treat every client differently, in doing so we deploy the best practices and advanced techniques to increase revenue and maintain a Positive Return on Your Investment.

If you’ve never tried Facebook Ads and used them to your advantage, then chances are you’re losing lots of paying customers to your competition. If you’ve tried them but found yourself confused with little or no results, then we’d love to show you that they can work fantastic and turn the tables over in your favor!

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No other Social Media platform offers businesses as much flexibility as the targeting tools available at Facebook.

By using the Facebook Tools correctly, our experts at No1 Advert can literally place millions of customers within your reach. Using tools like ‘Custom & Lookalike Audiences,’ instantly allow us to zero in on your ‘Ideal Customers’ to deliver you optimum results.

As soon as you do order… We just need to know who your ideal customers are? Then our team of EXPERTS at No1 Advert will run an effective Facebook Ad Campaign, just for you! We’ll target YOUR prospects with pin-point acuracy, based on their age, gender, location and interests, whatever you want. We can even target them by which posts or pages they have “liked” plus we have lots more tricks. Then, you’ll know we’re your No1Advert!

Using this valuable data, we’ll continue ongoing ad campaigns to reach your ideal customers, often before they even know they need you! Although we have a pandemic, there’s still a forest full of low-hanging fruit at your fingertips. First though, you’ll just need to engage us and allow us to show you the true power of Facebook ads. We promise you’ll not be disappointed!

Our service starts at just $199 for 7 days +Ads at Cost!  Or the BEST VALUE is $399 for 30 days +Ads at Cost! So, let’s show you the proof! We know you’ll want to continue with us, because Our methods are based on FaceBook’s No1 Guru “Kevin David” read more here.

There’s never been a better time to expand your reach to super-target your audience. Get started now while costs for Facebook Ads are still relatively cheap. We’d love to be your… No1 Advert.

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How We Work

When you decide to let us handle your campaign, we’ll start creating Facebook Ads to drive qualified traffic, leads and sales within 7 days.

We’ll handle everything allowing you focus on running your business.

We’ll generate a steady stream of leads for you to convert to sales. It’s possible that you’ll see a Return On Investment like you’ve never seen before!

You’ll be able to expand your reach in your market, build brand awareness and tap into a predictable stream of highly targeted prospects who’ll consistently return as customers.


Competitor Research

When you join us, we’ll ask you who your competitors are? Then we’ll discretly research what your competitors are doing in your space, check out how they’re advertising on Facebook then reverse engineer it to suit your own business goals. So it’s a WIN WIN for you!

This may involve small changes, but sometimes a completely different way of thinking is required in order to capture your target market in a way which retains their clients as your customers! Not bad eh?

Audience Targeting

We research the types of customers which will bring you the best return on your Ad spend. And we don’t just drive any traffic to your website or offering hoping that you’ll succeed with a scatter gun approach.

Bidding & Budget Suggestions

We keep your budget in mind, when we’re bidding for the best keywords that’ll drive the most targeted traffic to your business. We’re aware that budget blowouts are a typical result of inexperienced Ad management. So we monitor your Ads every step of the way, optimizing your campaign hour by hour. Afterall, it’s only after we’ve given you great results that we know you’ll want to come back for more? But don’t wait too long, we only take on work that we know we can do properly!

Account Audit
If you’ve got an existing FaceBook Ad account, we’ll review it. We’ll also look for areas of improvement, ensuring future Campaigns are aligned with industry best practises. We know that if we’re happy you’ll be delighted!
Campaign Quality Assurance

We’ll compose and review your Ad campaigns to ensure everything’s working fine, such as ad placement, links together with analytics. We pride ourselves in being your No1 Advert!

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Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Say

Michael Pascoe

Following the transformation of many of our digital assets into an App, I now have consistent traffic which creates a high conversion rate from enquiries. This would not have been possible without the creativity of professional Ad experts who are watching and tweaking your ads on a daily basis..This level of service is also necessary to keep your ad spend down and to maximize targeting to groups who are motivated to buy our services…Having a fully managed Campaign running about 10 months a year will probably triple our sales revenue this year…

James Pascoe
London, UK

James Tally

I have been developing a range of strategies to drive traffic to my websites that do not involve Ad spend. So I was very weary of the big promises some Ad agencies make about the power of Facebook Ads. The monthly package provides me with a full service so I don’t need to stress about generating leads, my sales team don’t either..they can concentrate on converting customers who are motivated and ready to buy our products….The Ad spend required is so low comparted to other methods of driving potential customers to our sales team.. And I feel like we have only just scratched the surface in terms of finding new target markets.

James Tally
Los Angeles, USA

Angus Brawshaw

My first attempt at Facebook Ads was a disaster. I was paying $5 per lead and targeting the completely wrong market……your service reduced my spend to 50c per lead and keep a steady stream of traffic to my website. I will keep your management service switched on as it is returning well over $2 for every $1, I spend….Unbelievable how you can drill down and find just the right groups of potential customers that we had never thought of before – Great Job. We spent $500 on Ads this month and have made over 3k in sales..

Angus Brawshaw
Sydney, Australia

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Manage and Optimize Facebook Ad Campaign For 7 Days
  • Ongoing Management
  • Campaign QA
  • Account Audit
  • Bidding & Budget Suggestions: 2
  • Audience Targeting Suggestions: 2
  • Competitors Researched: 2
  • Delivery time: 7 Days


Manage and Optimize Facebook Ad Campaign For 14 Days
  • Ongoing Management
  • Campaign QA
  • Account Audit
  • Bidding & Budget Suggestions: 2
  • Audience Targeting Suggestions: 2
  • Competitors Researched: 2
  • Delivery time: 14 Days

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